Double Ground Dark Hardwood Mulch (Per Yard)

Double Ground Dark Hardwood Mulch (Per Yard)

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Our premium double ground hardwood mulch is the perfect solution for your landscaping needs. Made from a blend of hardwood trees, this mulch is ground twice for an extra fine texture that will enhance the appearance of any outdoor space. Sold by the yard, you can order just the amount you need to cover your desired area.

Not only does this mulch look great, but it also provides numerous benefits to your garden. It helps to retain moisture in the soil, reduce weed growth, and regulate soil temperature. As it breaks down, it also adds valuable nutrients to the soil.

Sold by the Cubic Yard. (Mulch Calculator >)



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Do I Need To Be Home On The Delivery Date?

It is best if someone is home on the delivery date, or that you very clearly mark with a cone or tarp where you would like your material left.

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