Bonide Bontone Rooting Power - 1.25 oz.

Bonide Bontone Rooting Power - 1.25 oz.

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Whether you're propagating new plants from cuttings or transplanting existing ones, Bontone Rooting Power provides the essential nutrients and hormones needed to stimulate root development. Its unique blend of active ingredients encourages rapid root growth, increasing the chances of successful propagation and transplanting.

Using Bontone Rooting Power is quick and easy. Simply dip the cut ends of plant stems or root sections into the powder, ensuring complete coverage. The rooting hormone in the powder works to stimulate cell division and the formation of new roots, giving your plants a head start in establishing themselves in their new environment.

This rooting powder is suitable for use on a wide range of plant varieties, including flowering plants, shrubs, trees, and even some vegetables. It is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor gardening projects, making it a versatile tool for any plant enthusiast.

One of the key advantages of Bontone Rooting Power is its long-lasting effectiveness. The 125-ounce container provides ample supply, allowing you to treat multiple cuttings or plants over an extended period. The concentrated formula ensures that a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice for avid gardeners and professional landscapers alike.

Bonide is a trusted name in the gardening industry, known for producing high-quality products that deliver reliable results. Bontone Rooting Power is no exception, offering exceptional performance and consistent outcomes.

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