Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus (4-3-3) - 8 lb.

Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus (4-3-3) - 8 lb.

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Introducing Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus – the ultimate boost for your plants' journey to exceptional growth and vitality!

Bio-tone Starter Plus is an all-natural, eco-friendly plant food specially crafted to nurture young seedlings, transplants, and newly established plants. Packed with a powerful blend of beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae, and essential nutrients, this premium formula enhances root development and fosters robust, resilient plants from the very beginning.

What sets Bio-tone Starter Plus apart is its innovative Bio-tone technology, a unique combination of beneficial microbes that create a thriving soil environment. These microorganisms work harmoniously with your plant's root system, unlocking nutrients, improving soil structure, and maximizing nutrient absorption for superior growth.

Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or a professional horticulturist, using Bio-tone Starter Plus is a breeze. Simply apply this organic, safe-for-use product at planting time, and watch your plants thrive with strong root systems and vibrant foliage. Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and hello to healthier, more abundant harvests!

Join the growing community of gardeners who trust Espoma for over 90 years of expertise in organic plant care. Give your plants the best start possible with Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus and witness the transformation of your garden into a flourishing, bountiful paradise.

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