Felco 6.3" Pull-Stroke Folding Saw

Felco 6.3" Pull-Stroke Folding Saw

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 Featuring a 6.3-inch hardened steel blade with precision-ground teeth, the Felco Pull-Stroke Folding Saw effortlessly cuts through branches and small limbs with minimal effort. The pull-stroke cutting action allows for efficient and controlled cuts, ensuring clean and smooth results every time. The durable and rust-resistant blade maintains its sharpness over time, guaranteeing reliable cutting performance.

One of the standout features of this folding saw is its compact and foldable design. The saw easily folds into a compact size for safe storage and convenient transportation. Whether you're tucking it into a tool bag or stowing it in your pocket, the folding design ensures that the saw is always within reach when you need it. The lock mechanism securely holds the blade in place during use and folds it away for safe storage.

The ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and control during use. Its non-slip coating provides a secure grip, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for precise cutting. The lightweight and balanced design of the saw further enhance its maneuverability, making it easy to navigate through dense foliage or tight spaces.

The Felco 6.3" Pull-Stroke Folding Saw is built to withstand the demands of outdoor work. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity, making it a reliable tool for years to come. The saw is also backed by Felco's reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and performance.

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