Hemlock Mulch (Per Yard)

Hemlock Mulch (Per Yard)

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Hemlock mulch is a natural and sustainable landscaping material that can help enhance the beauty and health of your garden or yard. Made from the bark of hemlock trees, this mulch has a rich reddish-brown color and a pleasant aroma that can add a touch of rustic elegance to your outdoor space.

Hemlock mulch also provides other benefits to your plants and soil. As the mulch decomposes over time, it releases nutrients that can enrich the soil and support the growth of healthy plants. Additionally, the mulch can insulate the soil, helping to regulate temperature and protect roots from extreme heat or cold.

The recommended thickness for hemlock mulch is 2-3 inches, and it's best to avoid piling it up against the base of trees or shrubs.

Sold by the Cubic Yard. (Mulch Calculator >)



After you place your order online, we'll reach out to confirm your delivery date. Deliveries are typically scheduled within 2-5 days of your order date (unless you specific a later date).

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Does Hemlock Mulch Have Dyes in It?

No, our hemlock mulch does not have any added dyes.

Do I Need To Be Home On The Delivery Date?

It is best if someone is home on the delivery date, or that you very clearly mark with a cone or tarp where you would like your material left.


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