Jiffy Seed Starter

Jiffy Seed Starter

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The Jiffy Seed Starter kit includes everything you need to kickstart your gardening journey. Each kit contains a set of biodegradable peat pots, seed starting mix, and a clear plastic dome. The peat pots are made from renewable peat moss, providing a natural and eco-friendly option for seed starting.

Using the Jiffy Seed Starter is incredibly easy. Simply fill the peat pots with the included seed starting mix, moisten it to create the perfect growing medium, and sow your seeds according to the instructions provided. The peat pots provide a protective and nurturing environment for the seeds, promoting healthy root development and minimizing transplant shock when it's time to move the seedlings into larger pots or the garden.

The clear plastic dome serves as a mini greenhouse, creating a controlled and humid environment that aids in seed germination. It helps retain moisture and warmth, ensuring optimal conditions for successful seed starting. The dome also provides protection against drafts and pests, giving your seeds the best chance to sprout and grow.

The Jiffy Seed Starter is suitable for a wide range of seeds, including flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this kit is a valuable tool for getting your seeds off to a strong start and maximizing their growth potential.

One of the key benefits of the Jiffy Seed Starter is its biodegradability. Once your seedlings are ready for transplanting, you can easily plant the entire peat pot directly into the soil. The peat pots break down over time, allowing the roots to grow freely without disturbing the delicate seedlings. This convenient feature saves time, reduces transplant shock, and promotes sustainable gardening practices.

This plastic Jiffy Seed Starter has 32 large cells that allow even more room for greater root development for more mature transplants. Reusable plastic tray.
Size: 11" W x 22" L

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