Jonathan Green Green-Up Fertilizer

Jonathan Green Green-Up Fertilizer

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Achieve a vibrant, lush lawn with Jonathan Green's Green-Up Lawn Food (29-0-3), a premium quick-acting fertilizer that delivers deep greening results. Suitable for all types of turf grass, this potent formula ensures your lawn remains nourished for up to three months, promoting sustained growth and health. Thanks to its innovative polymer coated nitrogen, Green-Up provides a gradual and consistent release of nutrients, preventing rapid grass growth in the early spring, which ultimately reduces the volume of grass clippings during mowing.

For those seeking a picture-perfect lawn, Green-Up is the go-to choice in early spring, especially when crabgrass is not present. Watch your lawn come to life with renewed vigor as this fertilizer works its magic, transforming your outdoor space into an enviable, lush haven. Say goodbye to lackluster lawns and embrace the unparalleled performance of Jonathan Green's Green-Up Lawn Food, a gardener's best-kept secret for achieving stunning springtime results.


15lb bag

Covers 5,000 sq. ft.

45lb bag

Covers 15,000 sq. ft 

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