Jonathan Green Grub/Insect Control

Jonathan Green Grub/Insect Control

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Guard your lawn against the destructive wrath of grubs and other insects with Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control. Designed to provide comprehensive protection, this two-part premium formula ensures your grass remains pristine from top to bottom. Grubs, notorious for devouring grassroots, are thwarted by the powerful insecticide Merit®, effectively eliminating them from deep within the soil where they pose the greatest threat to your lawn's health.

Timing is key in the battle against grubs, and Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control makes it easy. Apply in mid-spring before the grubs lay their eggs or in late summer when the next generation hatches, ensuring their elimination before they wreak havoc. Not stopping there, this potent formula also handles a range of surface-feeding insects like ants, fleas, crickets, chinch bugs, earwigs, and ticks, safeguarding your lawn from their unwelcome presence. Experience peace of mind as your lawn flourishes under the protection of Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control, the ultimate defense against insect damage.


8lb. bag

Covers 5,000 sq.ft.

16lb. bag

Covers 10,000 sq.ft

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