Jonathan Green Moss Control Granules - 20 lb.

Jonathan Green Moss Control Granules - 20 lb.

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Jonathan Green Lawn Moss Control is a product designed to effectively and quickly eliminate lawn moss. Its micro-particle formulation allows for even application and improved performance. This moss control can be used at any time of the year when moss is actively growing and causing issues in the lawn.

Key features of Jonathan Green Lawn Moss Control include:

1. Fast-acting moss elimination: The product contains specially formulated iron that targets and kills moss rapidly, providing quick results.

2. Greening up the lawn: While killing moss, the iron in the product also promotes greening of the lawn, enhancing its appearance.

3. Application precautions: Due to the high iron concentration, it's important to avoid getting the product on concrete, driveways, and patios, as it may cause staining.

4. Addressing underlying soil issues: To prevent moss from regrowing in the future, it's essential to tackle the root causes. Moss appears in lawns primarily due to three reasons: acidic soil with low pH, hard compacted soil, and lack of sunlight.

To prevent moss from coming back, Jonathan Green recommends addressing these underlying soil issues by using their other products:

- For acidic soil with low pH, apply original Mag-I-Cal® to raise the soil pH.

- For lawns with both acidic and hard compacted soil, use Mag-I-Cal Plus for Lawns in Acidic & Hard Soil. This product not only raises soil pH but also relieves soil compaction and stimulates soil microbes, promoting a healthier growing environment for the grass.

By combining the use of Jonathan Green Lawn Moss Control with the appropriate soil improvement products, homeowners can effectively eliminate existing moss and reduce the likelihood of its return by addressing the conditions that promote moss growth. As always, follow the application instructions carefully to achieve the best results.

20lb Bag

Covers 5,000 sq. ft. 

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