RainCaper Sun Hat - Tiffany 'Magnolia'

RainCaper Sun Hat - Tiffany 'Magnolia'

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Introducing our chic and versatile Packable Sun & Rain Hats, designed to provide you with ultimate protection from the sun, wind, and rain while offering a stylish and functional accessory for any occasion!

  • Reversible Design: RainCaper's sun & rain hat is cleverly crafted with a reversible feature, offering two stylish looks in one hat!
  • Complementary Reversible Sash: The hat comes with a matching reversible sash, adding an extra touch of elegance and versatility to your ensemble.
  • Maximum Sun, Rain, and Wind Protection: With a generous 4.75" brim, our hat offers ample coverage to shield you from the elements. 
  • Secure and Adjustable: We understand that windy days can be a challenge, which is why this hat features a removable and adjustable chin strap. This ensures a secure fit, giving you peace of mind while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Waterproof and UPF 50+: The hat is crafted from Taslan, a modern, high-tech, woven polyester fabric that offers excellent water resistance. Additionally, it boasts a UPF 50+ rating, providing superior protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Packable for Travel: Perfect for those on the go, our hat is easily packable, fitting effortlessly into a handbag or tote. So, whether you're going on a beach vacation or a weekend getaway, your hat will always be ready to accompany you.
  • Easy Care: Keeping your hat looking fresh is a breeze! It's hand washable and can be hung to dry, ensuring that it stays in excellent condition for your next adventure.
  • One Size Fits Most: We've designed our hat to fit most head sizes comfortably, making it an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

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