AG Choice Topsoil (Per Yard)

AG Choice Topsoil (Per Yard)

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Ag Choice topsoil is made by blending high quality humus compost with a sandy loam to create a premium finished product that is easily crumbled, free of rocks and debris and easy to work with. It is rich with organic matter and teeming with microlife to facilitate fast growth and healthy plants.

Ag Choice top soil is comprised of 75% stable humus compost, blended with 25% sandy loam. It is suitable for direct planting and can be used in new lawn installations, planting beds, gardens and transplanting trees and shrubs into larger containers. Ag Choice top soil is also ideal for patching or leveling uneven or bare spots in lawns, filling holes and trenches, and improving heavy clay soil.

Sold by the Cubic Yard

After you place your order online, we'll reach out to confirm your delivery date. Deliveries are typically scheduled within 2-5 days of your order date (unless you specific a later date).

We can deliver up to 10 cubic yards per delivery.  Local topsoil delivery is available in Northern New Jersey.

Direct ship pricing (at least 30 cu yd quantities) is available, please use the chat feature or contact us form for direct ship pricing.

Please include any special delivery instructions with your order.



Do I Need To Be Home On The Delivery Date?

It is best if someone is home on the delivery date, or that you very clearly mark with a cone or tarp where you would like your material left.

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