Seymour 2lb Cross-Pein Hammer

Seymour 2lb Cross-Pein Hammer

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The 2lb weight of the hammer strikes a perfect balance between power and control, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. Whether you're shaping metal, driving chisels, or performing light demolition work, this hammer provides the right amount of force to get the job done efficiently.

Crafted from high-quality steel, the cross-pein hammer is built to withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability, allowing you to rely on it for years to come. The heat-treated steel head provides added strength and hardness, enhancing the hammer's performance and longevity.

The cross-pein design features a flat, rectangular striking face on one end and a wedge-shaped pein on the other. The flat face delivers precise and controlled blows, while the pein end allows for increased versatility in shaping and forming metal. This dual-sided design makes the hammer suitable for a variety of metalworking tasks, including blacksmithing, jewelry making, and more.

Equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic handle, the cross-pein hammer ensures a secure and fatigue-free grip. The handle is carefully crafted to absorb shock and vibration, reducing strain on your hand and arm during prolonged use. Its balanced design provides excellent control and accuracy, allowing you to achieve precise results with every strike.

Whether you're a professional craftsman or a hobbyist, the Seymour 2lb Cross-Pein Hammer is a reliable and indispensable tool in your workshop. Experience the outstanding performance, durability, and versatility it offers, and elevate your metalworking projects to the next level.

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