Soil Moist Flower & Garden Plus Granules - 1 lb.

Soil Moist Flower & Garden Plus Granules - 1 lb.

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Introducing Flower and Garden Plus, a highly advantageous gardening solution conveniently packed in a 1-pound jar. This innovative product is enriched with beneficial mycorrhizal elements that work harmoniously with plants to bolster their root structure, promoting healthier growth. Tailored for various applications, from hanging baskets to patio pots, flower beds, and vegetables, this mycorrhizal powerhouse is particularly beneficial for new plantings. By fostering robust root development, Flower and Garden Plus lays the foundation for vibrant and thriving vegetation.

One of the remarkable features of this product is its integration of a water storing polymer, a technological marvel that significantly reduces the need for frequent plant waterings. With the ability to retain moisture, this polymer diminishes water consumption by an impressive 50 percent, contributing to more efficient and sustainable plant care. Furthermore, Flower and Garden Plus incorporates a timed release fertilizer with a balanced 3-3-3 nutrient ratio. This ensures that plants receive essential nutrients gradually over time, promoting steady and controlled growth without the need for constant feeding.

A single 1-pound jar of Flower and Garden Plus holds the potential to treat a substantial number of containers. With the ability to nourish 80 six-inch containers or 40 ten-inch baskets, this product offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for enhancing the vitality of your garden. Whether you're embarking on new planting projects or seeking to revitalize existing ones, Flower and Garden Plus presents a versatile and potent tool to elevate your gardening endeavors.

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