Soil Moist Transplant Tree & Shrub Formula - 1 lb.

Soil Moist Transplant Tree & Shrub Formula - 1 lb.

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Soil Moist Transplant is expertly crafted to provide a beneficial boost to newly transplanted trees, shrubs, and plants, precisely when they need it most – during planting. This specialized formulation is designed to facilitate a seamless transition for transplants by introducing a powerful blend of mycorrhizal propagules. Boasting a diverse assembly of five species of healthy ectomycorrhizal propagules and seven species of adaptive endomycorrhizal propagules, Soil Moist Transplant is primed to cater to a wide variety of plants, ensuring enhanced establishment and growth.

At the heart of this formulation lies the incorporation of Soil Moist water storing polymers. These innovative polymers function as a vital reservoir, efficiently retaining moisture and releasing it gradually as the soil dries out. This strategic moisture management significantly reduces the necessity for frequent watering, helping transplants overcome the challenges of their new environment while fostering optimal root development.

With Soil Moist Transplant, you're not just planting – you're creating the ideal conditions for successful transplantation. This meticulously crafted blend equips your plants with the symbiotic support of mycorrhizal fungi and the water-wise advantages of advanced polymers, setting the stage for a thriving and resilient garden.

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